We produce high quality milk analyzing equipment and instruments for the dairy industry which help companies to accurately standardize their products. With our instruments it is possible to determine the components of milk and milk products, to analyze milk quality and to automate milk sample handling.


What we do

Lactotronic is a company specialized in the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of analytical instruments for the dairy industry. The company focuses on providing laboratory equipment for the analysis of milk and milk products. Our instruments are developed to determine the main constitutes of dairy products.

What we offer

Lactotronic offers high quality and high precision equipment for milk laboratories to standardize the routine milk production process. Our dairy analytical instruments enable to improve the milk quality control as well as the verification of end products in order to increase the production efficiency.

Statement of purpose

Our products are based on 25 years of experience in the dairy sector. Our distinction is the steady development of high qualitative dairy processing equipment. We offer solutions to companies producing milk and milk products and to milk central laboratories.

Lactotronic stands for







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