Lactotronic products


Lactotronic has experience, knowledge, skills and the network to offer your company a range of analytical equipment and services. We are constantly working on solutions to satisfy the demand of the dairy industry and laboratories. Our current range of products extends from the basic and reliable analyzer MIRA to specific instruments. 
The distribution network for our milk analyzing equipment is spread worldwide which allows us to maintain in a strong and stable position in the global dairy industry.  Our flexibility enables us to develop and innovate quickly. Explore our products on our website and contact us for more detailed information.
We convince with high-quality products, continuous optimization, and advancement of technologies as well as with personal and quick service for our clients.

Our milk analysing equipment

Lactolyser MIRA

The Lactolyser MIRA is an infra red milk & milk product analyzer for dairy plants to standardize their milk products.


The Globulyser is an analytical instrument for routine measurement of the fat globule size in milk & milk products.


A free demonstration of the analysis instruments is possible and if you have any questions or wishes, please contact us.

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